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Radical Politics in Modern Ireland: The Irish Socialist Republican Party 1896-1904

This illuminating and insightful book is dominated by characters that were imbued with vigour, intellect and a commitment to an improvement in the lives of working class people. This is not a partisan account, but a balanced probing of the rise and fall of the ISRP, and the result has filled a major gap in our knowledge and understanding of Irish labour history in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.David Lynch has told their story lucidly, originally and fairly, and in the process rectified an unjustifiable neglect of some of the pioneers of modern socialism.
Dr Diarmaid Ferriter 
(Author of Judging Dev: A Reassessment of the Life and Legacy of Eamon de Valera and The Transformation of Ireland: 1900-2000)

David Lynch has made a significant contribution to the study of Irish working-class political history with this book.This lucid and engaging study should be read by all those seriously interested in the political history of the Irish working class. It is a book containing many stimulating and sharp insights.
History Ireland

Radical Politics in Modern Ireland provides a long-needed full-length treatment of an important experiment in Irish revolutionary history. The book, which offers both a chronological and topical narrative, traces the ISRP through its short eight-year life…..Lynch tries to be fair to the lesser lights in the party, though none is as interesting or as important as Connolly….The author makes use of important primary sources. A fine book.
Irish Democrat

David Lynch's fine book is a detailed study of the Irish Socialist Republican Party (ISRP). … again this is a fine book, essential reading for anyone interested in the Irish struggle and the left.
Socialist Review

David Lynch is to be commended for making a significant scholarly contribution on the topic of Ireland’s socialist history.
Political Studies Review

David Lynch tells their (ISRP) story in this fine book, essential reading for anyone interested in the history of the period.
Journal of Canadian Irish Studies

David Lynch has undoubtedly made a worthwhile contribution to both the biography of James Connolly and the historiography of Irish socialism...this is a fine book. The ISRP was an important party and one worthy of such close study.
Scottish Left Review

A valuable addition to the history of the working-class movement.
Socialist Standard