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A Divided Paradise
An Irishman in the Holy Land
“Captures the tension and beauty of a partitioned paradise.” 
The Irish Times

A Divided Paradise: An Irishman in the Holy Land is a vivid account of ordinary life in one of the world’s most contested and volatile regions. David Lynch brings to life stories from both the Palestinian and Israeli street. 

From coming under fire in the occupied West Bank, to visiting the ‘First Irish Pub in Palestine’, to talking Armageddon with young dispirited Israelis in Tel Aviv, personal experiences are interwoven with broad historical analysis. 

A provocative introduction to the political and personal tragedy suffered by the Palestinian people and the continuing wider Middle Eastern conflict.

“A lucid and engaging study.” 
History Ireland

The Irish Socialist Republican Party (ISRP) was a party of seminal importance in the history of radical politics in modern Ireland. The political significance of the organization led by James Connolly is assessed in this academic study on a vital period of Irish labour history.

The party produced the first regular socialist paper in Ireland the Workers' Republic, ran candidates in local elections, represented Ireland at the Second International, agitated over issues such as the Boer War and the 1798 commemorations. Politically the ISRP was before its time, putting the call for an independent "Republic" at the center of its propaganda before Sinn Fein or others had done so. 

This is the first full length study of this important organization. Using the primary sources available this study delves into the internal politics and personalities that brought life to the organization. The political significance of the organization led by James Connolly is also viewed in both the international and national sphere. The legacy of the ISRP was to have an impact on the left-wing and republican movements in Ireland for many decades following it's demise in 1904

Radical Politics in Modern Ireland
Confronting Shadows: An Introduction to the Poetry of Thomas Kinsella
“Lynch's introductory study is instructive in spot-lighting the continuing relevance of the critical modernism and class consciousness of Kinsella's poetry."
The Sunday Times

Thomas Kinsella’s poetry is amongst the most challenging, but also the most rewarding.

In this exciting new introduction, David Lynch investigates the themes that underlie Kinsella’s work, uncovering motifs of Irish history, political struggle, love, death, war, God and the fractured psyche.

Engaging with the connections and rhythms that resonate throughout Kinsella’s poetry, and drawing on the work of philosophers and psychologists, Lynch reveals the ways in which Kinsella’s work is a response to the ordeal of modern life.

Providing a detailed reading of poems from different eras, Confronting Shadows is an entrance for students and other readers into the work of one of the leading Irish poets of the modern era.

"Kinsella’s poetry, his outlook on life, have always been of the most serious kind; and so too is this superb exploration of his work by David Lynch...In delving into the Kinsella cauldron, Lynch’s intensity of focus is a match for the poet’s own intensity...Lynch’s insightful commentary weaves its way from poem to poem with careful cross-reference between various poems, periods and shifts in the Kinsella oeuvre." 
Dublin Review of Books